Patient portal credentials does strange behavior

Please help with this issue with PP
when I initiate either a new credential or resetting an existing credential from PP it does give the options of printing and sends the email but without any link that points the receiver to the PP login page…nothing there other than the user name , password, trusted email…Why?
I did put from >global>portal> the link:
but it is not included in the email sent to patient…any help is greatly appreciated.

And why if family members share the same email address it prompts patient to contact office when patient is self registering?
What is the point of self registering if they have to contact office?

Hi mohammad alsharabi
add portal url in our code On file templates\emails\patient\portal_login\message.html.twig


This code is controlled by these lines:

The portal link only shows up if you have the onsite patient portal enabled. This will be in Config (or Globals depending on your version) → Portal → Enable Patient Portal

Thank you very much for the help.

I am on openemr v7 patch 2 and portal is on from global and still does not pull in the address in the email of portal link.

Thank you for the help, however it does pull it as a text and not as a hyperlink…so patient will have to copy it and paste it in the browser and I want to minimize steps on patient as much as possible, I would like it as a hyper link clickable like the FHIR link ( which confuses the patient really, although it is important to keep the license of openemr but this is not practical for patients interacting with the email, they will start clicking and then calling asking what the heck is FHIR , API …etc…) I think there has to be a way to make it as text only and not hyperlink and pull in the important hyperlink that is missing which is the portal address.
something has to do with portal on site 2 that is not activated when you toggle on the switch of patient portal from global in V7

Just hold up until we figure out the bug here. Perhaps by tomorrow.

See the changes in this PR: Patient Portal address link Fixes #6227 by adunsulag · Pull Request #6228 · openemr/openemr · GitHub

Thank you Stephen, I looked the 6228 fix here:

However the php file is non existent in my V7 patch 2 installation on ubuntu:

So following the link :

The php file of PatientAccessOnsiteService.php is non existent … Am I following the wrong path , or do I need to create the file….?

This fixes the issue in master which will come out in patch 3. If you want to fix the existing file right now as a hot fix. You can change this line here:

To the following:

'portal_onsite_two_enable' => $GLOBALS['portal_onsite_two_enable']
 ,'portal_onsite_two_address' => $GLOBALS['portal_onsite_two_address']

That did it thank you very much, now I get the link in the email and in the print out.

One question please I asked in another thread:

Why the record ID in the design of openemr is not unique that could be indexed like what I would expect in any relational db? if for no other reason it will diminish duplicates significantly ( yes staff can misspell the name and get a duplicate but we check 3 modifiers usually)
we cannot rely on SSN ( I never pass my SSN to any medical facility when filling out papers in hospitals or medical offices)
Phone numbers can be shared , emails can be shared…the only one modifier that is tagged to the record is a unique ID when the record is created for patients , providers, medications so on so forth…Am I missing something here ?