Patient Portal Appointment Feature Status

(John Macken) #1

Hi all,

I hoping that somebody can clarify.

I am looking at patient portal options.

question 1:
Version 1 Native Patient Portal - any idea what the status of the appointment system? A rough idea of development time would help please.

… TODO(for developers):

    The appointment setting feature by the patient is not yet ready. The find appt and find open slot scripts are still buggy and the extraneous stuff needs to be removed. When these scripts are ready, can then place the following global in Administration->Globals to turn on this feature: Administration->Globals->Connectors->'Allow Patient Modification of Appointments'. Will also need to add following to the openemr_postcalendar_categories table, pc_catname column: Office Visit (Patient Scheduled). The script that needs to be improved/modified is here: openemr/patients/add_edit_event_user.php 

question 2
Version 2 Native Patient Portal

Is there an appointment scheduling feature available with version 2?

question 3
wordpress option

Is there a way to have appointments available and synced through wordpress?

Thank you for the assistance,


(Craig Tucker) #2

Hello John,

Yes there is a scheduling option in the native portal. It is limited but it is there. You can experiment with it in the demo.

There is not a scheduling option in the wordpress option. What I have been using is Easy!Appointments and I have heavily modified it for healthcare in the US. My last version is posted here: GitHub - CraigT543/EasyBlue: Modifications for Easy!Appointments

I have clients schedule on Easy!Appointments and then when they show I enter the appointment into OpenEMR. That is not the most graceful method. What I need to do is to modify the webserve.php in the Sunset Patient Portal plugin to handle the scheduling stuff on sync with OpenEMR. But this is working for me now.

(John Macken) #3

Hi Craig,

Thanks for the reply, I had not realised the the 5.01 patient portal was running in the demo. I will see if I can get it up and running tomorrow, it looks good.

Kind regards,

(Raimund Engel) #4

Hi everyone,

I just updated to 5.0.1 and discovered several new details, which make OpenEMR even more useful than so far - thanks for the great work!
What leaves a little puzzled is the coice of portals, and it would be great to know, what the respective part of the OpenEMR roadmap looks like.
The way things currently look to me is that I have these 2 choices (for self-hosted):

Native Patient Portal 2:

  • apperently active development
  • appointment scheduling


  • not as secure as CMS portal
  • no forms for patient history
  • new patients and appointments seem to go right into my db without vetting

CMS Patient Portal (Wordpress):

  • more secure than native portal
  • editable forms for patient history
  • new patients and appointments have to be manually accepted before import


  • apperently not a lot of development
  • no appointment scheduling

If anyone could give me a hint, what’s planned for the near future of these 2 portals, it would be highly appreciated.

(Kamil Akhundov) #5

Dear all ,

We are looking for better user friendly patient portal option with possibility self service
online booking. That would carry the payment possibility and multiple SMS reminders to be sent to the patients. We would appreciate to know available options and a person who would be best to implement this.
Send my best to all.