Patient Portal Access

Hello Team
This is my very first time with OpenEMR…
I have installed OpenEMR 6.0.0 on my Windows 10 machine. Anyone can help please with how I can have access to the patient portal. Thank You!

Hi @Modoukpe -

The portal is a very cool feature if you can find documentation on setting it up. The basic process is described in this doc, which is a little bit old and difficult to read but it does apply. Be sure to look in the section on the ‘Native Portal’ although that portal is now called the ‘Onsite Patient Portal’.

Here’s a search of this forum which returns all posts that mention the Patient Portal. There’s a lot of random information here so be careful to only pay attention to posts that discuss what you need.

Once your portal is set up a patient can register themselves as a patient in your OpenEMR by logging into the portal as described in this document:
HOWTO: Patient self-registration in the Native Patient Portal

Here is some instruction on how to make custom forms for your portal.
Patient Portal Document Templates

Good luck and feel free to come back to this thread if you can’t find answers to your questions in the links above!
Best- Harley

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Thank You for the response. I will do this and come back to you.