Patient name and DOB of printed notes

(Jeff Guillory) #1

My office manager is informing me that since we updated to V5.0.1(7) that the name of the patient and DOB of the patient is not being printed one any patient chart that she is printing.

My understanding is that when printing the chart there should be name and date of birth on each and every page.

Is there a setting, that I missed that does this for us.

Jeff Guillory
NP Health Clinic
Lumberton, TX

(Stephen Waite) #2

Hi @nursejeff. Is she clicking on the Report link?

(Jeff Guillory) #3

Yes, she is doing that.

It used to print the names and birthdate on each page but since the update it has not.

(Jerry P) #4

Is this what you are talking about? (502)

And this is 501(7)