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Patient List Creation Reports Issues

I found out that the date restriction on Reports >> Clients >> Patients LIst Creation; does not restrict to specific dates during pull out.
i.e you submit a request for a pull out for Jan 1, 2020 to Jan 27, 2020.
Outcome: it does pull out for dates both within the specified dates and before the specified dates.

I am using openemr 5.0.1(7)

Currently for “Demographics” option, date filter is not applied. To make it work, include the highlighted part(refer screenshot) in the file interface/reports/patient_list_creation.php.

Kindly share your views.


Thanks for your response.
Please what is the specific line in the file will it be posted.

File name : interface/reports/patient_list_creation.php
Line No : 366(Approximately)
Copy and paste the below lines after communication (refer screenshot specified in the above thread)

case “Demographics”:
$whr_stmt=$whr_stmt." AND >= ? AND < DATE_ADD(?, INTERVAL 1 DAY) AND <= ?";
array_push($sqlBindArray, $sql_date_from, $sql_date_to, date(“Y-m-d H:i:s”));

Kindly check and let us know if you have further clarifications.


I have copied and pasted it, however on clicking on patient list creation there is no display.
It is blank.
A cursory look at the file, from ln 325, specifies the sql joint statement which is not available for demographics.
I may be wrong.
what can be done?

Can this be solved, any way out?

• Click on Reports >> Clients >> Patients List Creation
• Initially the page will be blank, and on clicking submit button the data will be filtered out.
• The filter option is not applied for demographics. To include it try to replace the file attached below
patient_list_creation.php (38.0 KB)

Still if you find any issues, provide us the detailed steps.


No more issues.
It worked. thanks @visolveemr.

Hi @visolveemr,
Thanks for your contribution and effort the other day.
There is a new issue. I found out that when we do report pull out there are some patients that are missing.
However on deleting the line of code you gave above, those patients will appear and the number of patients that will be captured in the report pull out will be higher.
What could the issue be and

What can be done?


Thanks for the compliments and sorry to hear you are facing new challenges.
We love to support you now but are busy with live customers. We will get back to this when we have some breathing time :-)! assuming no one else responded to your question(s).

Thanks for your response.
I will be waiting …

This issue still persist and remains unsolved. This could be beneficial to others as it concerns reports.
Please what can be done.