Patient List based on specific ID

Hi, i have customize an ID using External ID

please if i need to have a list of all the patient not registered with this ID, how can i do that?

Thank you

Hi @Jessica
Now, I am not a dev but my Commodore Basic, perl, DBA and VBA background tell me you’ll need to get into the form for the Finder and mod the search code. It should be some kind of a MySQL query so once you get there it’d be essentially adding ‘NOT’ to the query. As in, where it queries the database you’d say ‘where ext_id does not contain [the search term]’.
Doesn’t seem to be too difficult in essence, though, if you are competent to root through a page of php code.
Good luck!

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Hi Jessica, you can do a search in mysql using phpmy admin or something like that

run such a command
SELECT id FROM patient_data WHERE is!=33;

i couldnt find where column external id is so you will have to change that line. change 33 with the external id u want to omt.

If you want to know who all dont have an exernal id, then just click on the external id tab and it will sort the patient list according to external id acs or descending.