Patient Insurance History Build

We (OEMR) need a patient insurance history manager.

A patient has to change primary insurance at the beginning of the year. The current primary insurance has open claims that are still pending payment. If that outstanding claim is rejected after the primary insurance has been changed in the patients’ chart. The previous insurance information needs to be re-entered to reprocess that encounter.

In the current insurance_data table, we can add a column inactive. Adding that column will allow for the current primary insurance to be left in the table but not shown in the patients’ dashboard. New primary insurance can be added without overwriting the previous primary insurance. A mechanism would have to be built to manage the insurance history and be able to reactivate old primary insurance.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I am kind of hoping someone has already built this and is willing to share it with the community.

Hi @juggernautsei , I thought the effective date entry can help here. Even the billing manager can use that date to pull the insurance info. Just tested at OpenEMR Login and OpenEMR Login

@stephenwaite What happens when the patients’ primary insurance company is changed? Will the effective date pull up the previous insurance company?

This is difficult to test on the demo system because there needs to be a claim that has been rejected after the patients’ primary insurance has changed from what it was when the claim was submitted?