Patient Documents in S3

Are there any plans to add S3 storage as an option for storing patient documents? I’ve got 10+ years of documents and it’s quite a mess to manage.

You can get an S3 bucket and run an rsync script that populates the S3 bucket every day.

I’m not an aws expert, but i know gcp. In google you can mount a bucket as a folder. I would mount it were the documents are normally stored. Then all your docs will be saved in the buckets.

On a side note, couch db document storage might be more what you want.

@juggernautsei was building a Module that will store documents to S3. Perhaps he can chime in if he finished that work and has it available. A number of years ago I used a program in concept similar to what @brad is mentioning called s3fs-fuse which you could investigate using if you want to go that route. I do agree that couch db might be a better option for you.

I still have that module sitting on the shelf of things to get back to. It was up to the part where I had did a test run and it can send a file to an S3 bucket. The next steps were to integrate it in to the document flow. I was thinking in parallel. When, a document is saved it sends it to the S3 bucket also.
@brad if you want the module, I can send it to you.

The module is complete. Any one that is interested. Please PM me.
The module is to replace the local storage of files. In the normal workflow, the user would upload files as they normally upload them but instead of the files being stored locally. They will be stored in the S3 bucket of your choice in the configuration.
I recommend this for new installs. This module won’t move existing files into a bucket.

@midder I have completed this module for one my client please let me know if you want it.