Patient data retrieval slow in OpenEmr5


Retrieving patient data after clicking on patient name in patient finder window very slow when audit logging enabled, compared to OpenEmr4.2.2. Otherwise OpenEmr5 seems as fast as 4.2.2.


hi @rkahn, is this on windows? thank you


Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, Xenon 2.27 GHZ proc. 6 GB. 256 GB SSD, latest install of 5.0, Firefox


Download the updated zip. Brady made some optimizations to the my.cnf file.
That should help​.


Thank you but I’ve already applied these optimizations.


@rkahn have you found a solution to the slowness issue with openemr 5 when logging is turned on? please let us know.

Thank you


hi @rkahn and @vambati ,

Likely need to further optimize InnoDB.

(if needed, can further increase the above memory settings)