Patient control the access to the records in one time code

Hi, Is there a feature where patients can control access to records?
If the patient visits GP/hospital/lab/… patient generates (app/web) and/or central admin can issue a code that is valid to use in a certain time frame and after that access is revoked for the GP/…

This helps the patient to visit any GP/hospital/… without providing permanent access to records except the central health system.

Any help is appreciated.

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@makhter, to my knowledge, there is not an OTP set up for patients to give to outside users. The only thing a patient can do at this time is provide access using their current username and password. Then change it later.

While Sherwin is correct in the sense we don’t have a general one-time available to users however I have developed all the resources that are available since v7.0.0 to offer such a feature.

The OTC is used for a portal patient to auto log into portal and then directs them to a portal questionnaire/form that needs attention by the user.

I have considered adding the feature from portal dashboard to provide a timed token say 30, 60 or 90 days before expires then patient would need to reauthorize.
I’d need to check in with other admins that are more security aware than me but I believe it would be beneficial to older and lesser web savvy patients.

Hi Sherwin, Thank you so much for the explanation.

I am looking for this sort of function to introduce free service for patients. Is their plan to introduce this function?


The main purpose of this request is that the patient can visit the GP anytime in any location under the contract with GPs.