Patient care mobile app for openemr

Hi all,

      We have developed a mobile app for patients integrated with openemr , The features and demo screens of the app is stated in the following website,

we have put a major efforts to do this app in a user friendly manner, so please let me know your reviews…

for credentials of admin site mail me at

Note : we have offers for first two clients,

Wei Shen

Seems to be cool… nice looking ui…


@Weishen are you using the REST api to make this possible or is this a modified version of OpenEMR?

On your main page you state: ‘This App is integrated with openemr, and this app can be integrate with any platforms’

Can the app be pointed at any OpenEMR installation? Or does it have to go against your backend?

Also the app UI looks nice but you may want to have an editor/copywriter at some point work on your homepage. I understand what you are saying but your the doctors/clinicians you will be targeting I suspect will be put off by something like this:

‘This app is build in such a way that user can find a good experience in fast,simplicity and user friendly.’

Compared to this:
‘This app is built to be fast, simple, and above all user-friendly’

Your first few backers may not care, but to appeal to a general audience you’ll want to invest in a good copy writer. Just a thought. Again this looks cool and great job.

Great work! More players - good for OpenEMR!
ViSolve also has several value added modules for OpenEMR with responsive webapp (no download, no installation) which works with IoS and Android devices. Implemented with REST API.
To answer the question on modifications to OpenEMR - Yes - ViSolve’s implementation does require minor modifications to existing deployment and need additional API layer on top of OpenEMR.

One can play with the functionality by visiting :



  1. Yes we are using Rest API
  2. “Can the app be pointed at any OpenEMR installation? Or does it have to go against your backend?”
    Yes this app pointed in open-emr, Im providing demo for clients once the signed in my site,
    I ll provide the link here as soon as possible,

This app requires installation in Mobile phones / Tablet phones,
I ensure that this app is more secure, because this app is not run in browsers, I think you understand this point…

Thank you for your comments,


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