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Paediatric Module

Hello Team,
We are currently working on an IOS app development as Openemr as backend specifically for
paediatricians. Is there a paediatric module existing in the openemr functionality which can be used?
And whether there is some functionality or provision wherein immunization chart will be automatically available once a patient’s DOB is selected

Please guide through…

What sort of stuff are you looking for in a pediatric module?

You can probably accomplish most of what you need with custom layout based forms.

I am looking for immunizations, prescriptions, immunization chart for the babies with respect to pediatrician module… although, I will investigate the layout based forms.

Thank you for your valuable guidance!

buenos dias,
deseo saber el estado del desarrollo del modulo de pediatria,
Asi mismo deseo informacion acerca de un modulo de UCI o de SCORES de UCI: SOFA, APACHE II, GRACE, etc

Hello Claudio. I think there are no pediatric modules. What has already been done are three forms for pediatrics that are fever, gastrointestinal and pain (general). Those are in ./contrib/forms. They are called ped_feber, ped_GI and ped_pain, those should translate.
(see image below)
I hope it helps you … regards

In Spanish:
Hola Claudio. Creo que no hay modulos de pediatría. Lo que hay ya realizado son tres formulario para pediatria que son de fiebre, gastrointestinal y dolor (general). Esos estan en ./contrib/forms. Se llaman ped_fever, ped_GI y ped_pain, esos debería traducirlos.

Espero te sirva…Saludos…

muchas gracias !!
Y respecto a algun modulo de SCORES ?!