Original ERA text file

@stephenwaite, @mdsupport
Has someone done this?
Is there a way to post the original text file that comes with the ERA? As you know there is a text file that is supplied by the clearinghouse. That file is needed when a third-party person is reviewing the billing.

I was thinking of adding a second browse button to get that file uploaded to the system.
Your thoughts.

no but when you post the era an html output of the processed claims is opened in another tab that the biller can review, then when you use edihistory and upload the era there it will create a separate view of the electronic remittance

@stephenwaite when a supervisor comes to review the billers work. They won’t be able to see that window once it is closed. This does no do anything usable.

Where is this information stored in the system?

upload the era in New Files

The ERA file needs to be uploaded twice?

yep, it’s pretty fun :slight_smile:

ideally when you open up edihistory and click Process it would search through documents/era directory and check to see if should be brought into the csv tables

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