Ophthalmology Open EMR

Two Questions Regarding the Optometry/Ophthalmology visits on OpenEMR

#1) There is a bug in the “Eye Exam” → “Impression/Plan” section.
You can add diagnoses with ICD10 code, write plan under each diagnosis. However, when you click “view and store this encounter as a PDF”, only the description in the last diagnosis code populates in the PDF under “Orders/Next Visit”. Whatever note written under other diagnoses does not show up in the PDF.

#2) Is there any way that you can create a dotphrase in OpenEMR? I am not referring to Layout, but rather a quick type of a code (e.g. .diabetes) that populates a sentence (e.g. Discussed about importance of blood sugar control with PCP).

.diabetes → Discussed about importance of blood sugar control with PCP

This feature is available in many other EMR systems and would be very helpful to be implemented in OpenEMR.

Well, thanks to Admin for not replying to my questions but at least I found the answer to dot phrases.

In OpenERM, dot phrases are under the name “abbreviations”. For instance, if you type “IMP.fov” in the shorthand box (“CTRL + K”), the name “Fovea” will be typed under IMPression/Plan.

My next challenge however is where to find the abbreviations list in the Admin panel and how to create/modify them.

Hi @Lalook62 , nice job, maybe @ophthal can assist with the bug. There’s also this PR which might help you locate the abbreviations.