OpenICE Integration

I wanted to begin the conversation here about investigating the OpenICE platform and possible ways for OpenEMR to integrate with this clinical environment. It came up on the Weekly Conference Call, here is a link for reference


This is pretty neat.

I spent some time looking into the recommended devices, it’s going to be too expensive for the inpatient features outside of the US. The devices that are listed on their documentation are in the thousands. I’m thinking we’re going to have to run with a tablet cart holder (under $80), an Android tablet (under $90), and various low-cost devices (ideally, each will be $100-$1000) for patient data (we may have to be clever and look for RaspPi solutions!).


medical device integration with openemr is a very useful tool. I took a look of the OpenICE project in GitHub and there is not commits in 2017. What is happening!!!

couldnt we suggest a more affordable approach, with raspPI, arduino, twillo implementations?

we certainly should integrate. rationally, though.
I can test whenever you guys need it. both inpatient, outpatient and, home care patients, which would benefit A LOT.

medical device integration with openemr is a very useful tool

This. Exactly.

Please join us in the #inpatient RocketChat channel to join in on the low cost device search that @andremillet is doing.

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