OpenEMR Version 5.0.1 Released: Ushers in Golden Age for OpenEMR

(Brady Miller) #1

“OpenEMR Version 5.0.1 Released: Ushers in Golden Age for OpenEMR” :

(Brady Miller) #2

Check out a nicer looking posting of this article here:
“OpenEMR Community Releases Monumental Upgrade to their Open Source EHR - Version 5.0.1 Ready for Download”

(Brady Miller) #3

Blog article for the release has been posted here:

(Sombi Willingtone) #4

wowo thanks, i saw a development demo of HIV module i thought it will be in the release
regards to all

(Joseph Aghatise) #5

I installed version 5.0.1 and successfully completed all steps but when I login, everything nothing show on the screen except Calendar icon with OpenEMR logo.

Can someone help fast please.

(Stephen Waite) #6

hi @reverton, you could clear the browser cache and if it persists check the php logs

(Joseph Aghatise) #7

Hi Brady, were are we on HIV module? I am creating forms specific to Ministry of Health in Nigeria for HIV/AIDS treatment. I will appreciate if the HIV module will be release soon.

(Brady Miller) #8

hi @reverton ,

My memory can be very bad sometimes, but I didn’t know there was active development on a HIV module. Am I forgetting something? This would be a very nice feature, though.


(Sombi Willingtone) #9

Yes me too i saw demo link with HIV MODULE let me check… i will send you a link where i saw it