OpenEMR v4.1 CMS EHR Certification ID for CMS registration

(Michael Krivitskiy) #1

Hello, I need help from openemr community. In beginning of 2014 my wife opened pediatric practice and I installed for her openemr 4.1. Same year she hired organization to help with MU attestation. Next year she received incentive payment for stage one. Last month we received an audit letter from NY Attorney General. When we submit all documentation, we found that in original application was listed wrong emr and now we need to submit vendor letter with CMS EHR System Certification ID Number. I searched all sources that I am aware of and unfortunately could not find 15-digit certification number. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

(Brady Miller) #2

Hi @Michael_Krivitskiy ,

Looks like we need to update info in the wiki. Got information from old oemr wikie here:

And here’s the certificate:


(Michael Krivitskiy) #3

Thank you very much. I will submit this certificate to AG office today.

(Jerry P) #4

I’m very curious and because I am a rebel, what does a state A.G have to do with a federally funded and managed program? Unless also receive state money for a Medicaid incentive. Compliance is in the purview of Medicare(federal), not the state. Seriously, Medical practices have enough headaches trying to stay in practice without this.
Sorry, couldn’t pass by without adding my penny worth. Good Luck :slight_smile:

(Michael Krivitskiy) #5

I am almost done with audit and I need last piece of puzzle. Please advise if it is possible to get vendor letter from OpenEMR.
Thank you

(Stephen Waite) #6

Hi @Michael_Krivitskiy, OEMR could provide a $0.00 receipt on it’s letterhead. Do you know the date you downloaded the software?

(Michael Krivitskiy) #7

according to log file original installation was done on November 4, 2013