OpenEMR standard edition on AWS install issuess


Can someone please clarify for me. I successfully installed Openemr express on AWS and had a working product yeah.

However then I noticed in the the wiki and information when i was attempting to create custom LBF and set up feature I should be using the OpenEMR standard for the HIPPA and security. (or so I thought).

Now I have installed and went thru the process of the cloud formation and stack ect. and have nothing but a mess and total confusion and see no link to open the login.

Totally newbie here :frowning:

So my question is did i misunderstand the two cloud based open emr options and could have used the easy version of open emr express for my clinic. I thought the standard edition on AWS would semi self install as the Express option did. (not the case for me)

If i did not why does my open
emr standard now not show the stacks and cloud formation info i entered?

Where can i find more detailed info step by step DIY for the open emr standard for AWS to perhaps see where it went amiss as all it shows is a rollback and 0 of all i entered.

I am not a dev but semi tech savy so can follow a step by step cookie cutter typically.

Any help with understanding on how to correct the issue if installing OpenEMR standard on AWS would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, Cheryl.

It should self-install, yes. If it installed successfully, then in CloudFormation under “Output” it should tell you where to connect to the instance. If you can’t find that but you can find the log talking about the rollback, I wouldn’t mind seeing those logs – just the middle would be ideal, the spot where something failed and the rollbacks started.

Thank you for your reply. I had to read up on somethings and now have a successful install. Yeah! Now it tells me the database of openEMR failed to connect. So that is my next project to tackle.

I was following the Full stack instructions listed here (openemr-devops/packages/full_stack at master · openemr/openemr-devops · GitHub) which i see some are helpful but some do not apply on the standard edition since i did not have to enter the sql info and such as it stated in the instructions it was just click the hyperlink to openEmr login.

But yeah for progress!

Full stack is an older project and I should really consider pulling those down. You’ll want to review openemr-devops/packages/standard at master · openemr/openemr-devops · GitHub instead.

Thank you so much for your assistance with this.

Question: Under Globals in OpenEMR do you need to add the CouchDB to connect it to AWS for database?

When I attempted that it says error could not connect to couch DB.

Or is does this version require something else or nothing listed under Database info?

Standard doesn’t have a CouchDB instance because I worked around the need for it with an encrypted volume for patient records that’s mounted during instance setup.

My advice to you would be to drop and forget literally everything concerning Full Stack and concentrate just on launching the Standard instance. CouchDB is one of those features that I’m not offering. (You could! But you’d need to stand up an instance in the VPC yourself.)

Great thank you

I will read the info on standard link.

Are there issues by chance with the patient portal on standard link. I would really like to implement but want to ensure it is secure

I haven’t heard of any issues with the patient portal, no.

From a technical standpoint Standard isn’t different from OpenEMR, it’s just a series of technical decisions that try to cooperate with HIPAA’s requirements in a way we call “HIPAA eligible”. HIPAA compliance is something you discuss with your team, we just make sure that discussion isn’t harder than it has to be.