OPENEMR setup Step 3 hangs up

I am running the latest edition of ubuntu. I have set up mysql 8.1 on the machine. I wanted to do a clean installation of openemr 6. However, when I get to Step 3 of the setup, the screen says “connecting to mysql server” and then stops. Is there an error file that I can look up to see what is wrong with my setup? Or can someone help me with this problem?

hi @docrovner , you should check your mysql/maria db connection as that’s probably the error.

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Can you explain how to check the db connection? Or is that in the documentation? I am running mysql and I have made sure that the server is running.

from a terminal you can run

mysql -u<username> -p<password> <database>

based on what you have in your sites/default/sqlconf.php file

as in

mysql -uroot -proot openemr