Openemr restore script not working with mysql 8.0

dear openemr community, i want to ask something about restore script in openemr.
I installed ubuntu 20.04 and installed all the prerequisites , my mysql version is 8.0 and i made backup of my system from old server which have mysql 5.7. Now when i try to restore it on new server through restore script. it gives mysql error near “identified by password” at grant privileges. I believe they changed the query to create new user and grant priviliges option. so how can i fix that . TIA

If you are getting a mysql error, chances are the issue is with the sqlconfig.php file. in the folder sites/default/ there is a file called sqlconfig. It looks like this:

It is here where you want to specify the username, password, and database. For my specific purposes, I use my root password on my development machine.