OpenEMR Releases Medical Image Viewing Support

(Brady Miller) #1

OpenEMR Releases Medical Image Viewing Support :

(Brady Miller) #2

A nicer looking version of the article can be found here:

(Brady Miller) #3

Check out the blog article here:

(R Magauran) #4

I uploaded some DICOM documents and the viewer works nicely. When we upload an image file that is not in DICOM format to the documents area for a given patient/encounter, is there a function to add the dataset to the image to make it a DICOM document?

(Matthew Vita) #5

Hi Ray,


For your Q, do you mean raster => DICOM?


(Barrie C Fitz-Gerald, Ph.D.) #6

Where can we get the Medical Image Viewer piece for OpenEMR?

(Stephen Waite) #7

hi @barringer7777, it’s a native viewer for 5.0.0.(8) and all of 5.0.1. Just upload the .dcm file into Documents and then click on it and the viewer will load the image automagically :slight_smile:

(Barrie C Fitz-Gerald, Ph.D.) #8

Is there anyone in Florida currently using the Radiology Viewer with OpenEMR?

(Stephen Waite) #9

there’s @robert.down :slight_smile:

(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #10

White true, I do live Florida, I am not using the Rad viewer in practice :man_shrugging: