OpenEMR project plans to charge for listings on the OpenEMR Professional Support page

The OpenEMR project has decided to charge for listings on the OpenEMR Professional Support page at Professional Support - OpenEMR Project Wiki . This will provide very needed financial resources to the OpenEMR project and will also ensure high quality listings on the Professional Support page.

There will be 3 tiers (Tier 1 vendors will be listed first, followed by tier 2 vendors, followed by tier 3 vendors). Tier 1 will cost $100 per month, tier 2 will cost $50 per month, and tier 3 will cost $20 per month. The project will acccept payments via Github Sponsor page for OpenEMR at Sponsor @openemr on GitHub Sponsors · GitHub (note there are Corporate Sponsor levels where can choose $100 per month, $50 per month, or $20 per month). Although we prefer Github Sponsors, we will also accept Open Collective (OpenEMR - Open Collective) for vendors that are already contributing via that mechanism. To ensure payments are mapped to the correct entries, professionals/vendors will need to let us know (email at the github sponsor (or open collective) account.

We plan to reorganize the page on 10/1/2023. Any entries that are not contributing will be removed during that reorganization. More details can be founds at:Talk:Professional Support - OpenEMR Project Wiki

I n addition to this announcement, we plan to email out this plan to all the professional support vendors currently listed on the support page.


Will you be prominently disclosing that vendors are paying for position on the page?

Yes, plan to define what the different tiers are on the page (ie. tier 1 are vendors that pay $100 per month, etc).

I understand the need for funding.
However, we have contributed significantly to the growth of OpenEMR for the past 10 years and just just started investing resources
on OpenEMR + AI after a lull period due to covid and not sure how this plays out moving forward if we also have to make monthly payment!
Love to see others’ views.
ViSolve Inc.,


@ken , here is the planned ‘Overview’ section of the future professional support page:
Talk:Professional Support - OpenEMR Project Wiki

Do the price points seem to high for your group at this point in time? I would think it is reasonable to pay $20/month even at the lowest tier for what essentially comes back as a lead generation for the company. It would seem like even just a single lead that comes from the professional support page would cover the costs of most of the tiers for an entire year. If that is not the case, I think the project would love to hear more about that.

I know for me the hope is that this is a mutual benefit for both the project and vendors who are benefiting financially from the leads that come from OpenEMR.

The cost is not at all high! After all we have spent 100’s of thousands of $$ to the success of openemr including MU2 certification in the last several years. In fact we just formed a team to develop a “FHIR” layer for OpenEMR as it seems at this point the FHIR API is incomplete!
For me charging to list vendor seems more of a commercial side. I would rater recommend if one don’t actively participate for developing/supporting OpenEMR they should be removed!

It is not the cost that I had an issue with simply the value system of “Open-EMR” I am having difficultly internalizing.
ViSolve Open-EMR Support team

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Are there statistics available that describe the page views per month, users per month, etc? I am not sure if we ever get business from this wiki page, but more from helping folks on the forum.

Analytics only tracks the non-wiki pages on the website (so do not have analytics on the professional support page). Over last 28 days, the main OpenEMR page had 13K views and 8K users.
It’s a win win win! :slight_smile: Vendors get customer leads. Customers get committed vendors. And OpenEMR gets funding that is needed to maintain certification.

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The new page is now official! (if your entry is not there, then please let me know if you want to get your entry back on the page)

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