OpenEMR Project Core Roadmap

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Hi All,

I am pleased to announce that a few project leaders and I put together a core project roadmap based on user needs: We have even adjusted our donation request text to be consistent with this work!

Each project has a link to a relevant forum thread, which (most likely) contains links to chats, branches, resources, people, etc. The idea is that the success of the roadmap is dependent on a) the community knowing about it and b) very low process work so as to not discourage progress.

This roadmap can (and probably will) change, so a note has been provided that says any change proposals should go through the Roadmap Committee. Outside of the committee, these kinds of topics are always welcome at the OEMR board meetings. This is the only real process with the roadmap to make sure we are focusing on the right features over the next couple of years!

Please bookmark the roadmap and let’s move forward with our mission!


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@robert.down hope that you don’t mind me pinning this. Let me know when I should “unpin” it :slight_smile:

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No problem. I generall leave things pinned for anywhere between 7 and 14 days, depending on the type of pin.

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Okay, let’s leave this one pinned for say… 2 years? :smile:

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But really, I think we should keep it pinned until it is well known that our new approach on the roadmap is in place and that the community should swarm on it (for instance, PACS project is a core roadmap item and already has 2 interested folks that I’m really encouraging because it’s a roadmap item)

I’ll put something on Google Calendar in a month to see if it would be a good time to un pin. EDIT: sent!

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Hi there Matthew! I run the Columbia University Health IT program and I was interested in involving my students in a project or two this year. Wee have enjoyed working with the community in the past. It appears that ONC2015 certification is no longer a priority for OpenEMR - is that the case? I was going to have my class do some gap analysis for it. Also, you might want to consider how it could intertwine with other more exciting projects like your fhir api (that could satisfy the API access feature for ONC2015 certification if planned right).

User Interface Design Style Guide - The Beginnings
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Hi Virginia,

On behalf of the OpenEMR leaders and community, we would be honored to have your students work on one or many of the exciting core roadmap projects or MUIII efforts. We love these kinds of mutually-beneficial partnerships!

Please do note that MUIII efforts have been put on a sort of pause due to political uncertainty, but we would welcome your group to work on them. In case you’re interested in our core roadmap work, it is comprised of the most requested, essential OpenEMR features from our vibrant user base across the globe. I’m sure you already viewed based on your comment, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see that the “spirit” of the roadmap is mostly in line with getting developing nations’ facilities and hospitals at parity with US-style HIT while keeping the costs down. This roadmap, if fully realized, can and will change the world!

Matthew Vita

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Hi @vlorenzi - just wanted to check in to hear what your thoughts were? If you want, you can email me directly at

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Thanks. I am still brainstorming about this