OpenEMR on Kubernetes


(Nicholas Steblay) #1

I have successfully created Kubernetes YAML files for running OpenEMR based on the published Docker images. Everything appears to be working in my local Kubernetes single node cluster. I’ll be refining the YAML files and will post here later.


OpenEMR Official Docker has been released!
(Nicholas Steblay) #3

You can get the Kubernetes YAML files I created here.

(Brady Miller) #4

Very cools stuff!
I’m gonna place a link in the main OpenEMR Docker thread to this thread.

(Nicholas Steblay) #5

Yes. I’m going to work on implementations for GCP, AWS and Azure also. I need to understand the CI/CD process and how customization is managed. I really want to demonstrate HL7/FHIR integration and possibly SMART on FHIR if the capabilities exist. I’m not a PHP developer but have done some work in Joomla in the past. Looks like I accidentally signed up twice and have 2 accounts.