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OpenEMR on DigitalOcean

Hi Guys,

Thank you for OEMR!!!
I’m new in OEMR and I’m looking for help.
I have successfully deployed and install OEMR current version 5.0.2 in a DigitalOcean Cloud Droplet, Ubuntu 18.04.3LTS x64 , 1vCPU, 1GB ram and 25GB HD with an additional Block Storage of 100GB.
I have some questions:
1.- since the documents are usually photos or scans, for sure are going to be the biggest part of the patient records, those are stored in the DB or in an additional folder?
2.- its possible to move the DB or move the path where the files are saved to the block storage?
3.- once up and running is there anyway to change or see the additional themes?


Hello Mario, Welcome!

In a directory located in “/openemr/sites/default/documents”
You can also check this out:

Openemr can access the database at whichever host you tell it to. You just need to configure your block storage database server to accept connections from where openemr is located.

Yes, and they are very colorful. Actually you may see them in the demos

Hi Sandra,

thanks for replying, great about the themes but I still not clear about the DB, I’m happy to use mysql (I’m no expert in DBs by the way jeje.)
the Block storage in DigitalOcean are only additional harddrives, can I change the path in the OEMR for the documents storage locations to the other harddrive?

Well will the block storage also be localhost?

Yes, it will be localhost

Ok, then you have no issue

to change the path of documents is possible from inside OEMR or I would have to do it different like a symlink maybe?

You decide where documents go from inside the program
check out the demos which you can find in the wiki