OpenEmr on Cpanel (Hosting Online Platform)

Please any idea on how to install OpenEmr on Cpanel ? I have installed on localhost using xampp and it was successful. Any idea please on hosting on private server using Cpanel ??? Thank you.

Welcome aboard Nken, there will be a folder called www or public_html in your xampp installation, copy the openemr folder and paste in there.
Remember when you unzip the openemrfolder eg openemr-7.0.1 folder, it gets unzipped and there will be a folder named “openemr” inside the unzipped folder openemr-7.0.1.
you can cut the openemr folder from there and paste in www or public_html folder.

then start your xampp server >> open browser >>> type there localhost/openemr
this should start the installation.

select let openemr create a new database for you.
for simplicity you can keep the database name , password , username all as openemr.
then click install.
rest should be easy. :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: but I meant on a shared host (web hosting). I have been able to install it locally successfully.

On webserver also same procedure u have to follow.
There will be a public_html folder, upload ur files there in a folder openemr, which u will have to create.

you mght have to create mysql database also, and add a user wth username n pwd to that database and grant all permssons to that user.

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Thanks so much… so sorry i have been away

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Please how can i create an anesthetist notes form in OpenEmr ??? any suggestion please .