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OpenEMR OfficeAlly Flow


In my speciality we prefer to use OpenEMR billing with OfficeAlly by following the below procedures.

-> Register OfficeAlly under X12 Partners

-> Generate X12 and submit it through OfficeAlly Website

-> And Download ERA from the OfficeAlly website and imported the same in OpenEMR.

But this process is cumbersome.

I have an SFTP account. Is there any way in OpenEMR to do it easily or automatically? (OR) Is there any third party vendors available for this?


I have been told Waystar is much simpler but costs more $$
$29 for Officeally vs $99 for Waystar. We agree with your views on the
complexity of working with Officeally.
Love to hear from others view, so as a community we can recommend the best billing solution for OpenEMR.

Hi @Fedrick ,

I have developed automation flow for OpenEMR to office allay please let me know if you want demo for that flow.


Hello @Nilesh_Hake,

Thank you. It seems great. Whether your application supports Eligibility Verification with batch submission.
Yes I would like to see a demo. Could you please share us the video demo.


We already do eligibility verification in batch or demographics

Hi @Fedrick,

Can we do demo week end and let me know your time available for demo.