OpenEMR module training - Webinar

Dear OpenEMR Community Users,

ViSolve is planning to provide a free webinar on OpenEMR. However, we’d like to get the community’s input on the topic that requires a session on training. We shall start the webinar with the most sought out topic and would share the webinar details (date and time) by early next week.

Please make use of this opportunity to get familiarize using OpenEMR.

ViSolve Inc.


Happy to hear about this potential webinar! I am an implementer of OpenEMR and one of the most requested items to know is the integration with other data collection mechanisms, i.e. DHIS2. So, if any effort has been done so far in this direction, it should be included in this webinar
Other interesting items could be also

  1. ACL deployment
  2. Clinic Decision Rules. the actual documentation is not clear enough explaining how to use it for simple client or provider´s alerts, so would be nice to know more
  3. Any effort on the mobile version (if any now or in the road map of the system)
  4. simplified process (if any) for system upgrade

Thanks for the opportunity to give some input!

Ana Maria de Espinoza
HIS and M&E Specialist

Hi Ana,

We really appreciate you for showing your interest in our webinar. The topics you’ve suggested us are indeed great and we’d definitely consider those to be covered in our webinar as well. We’re also looking to get updates from the community users and would finalize on the webinar topic very soon.

ViSolve Inc.

thank you for this community friendly offer @visolveemr

@anamariaelsal, there are a couple of pull requests that will address clinical decision support and responsiveness