OpenEMR Market Place

I was wondering why is there no market place for OpenEMR. Drupal and others like them have market places where developers can market their work to those that use the program. We all know not everything is for everybody. But there are niche things that are developed but the developer has no way of sharing that neat thing with the world he created it for.

What can we do about this?

Ok, I took the initiative and start the build. It should be ready for visitors in a week or so. Update you soon.


The first like was tingling. So, I am looking for confirmation that we need a marketplace. As much as I like helping we need to feed our families.
@Jit_Chawla Can you give me a like here?

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hi @juggernautsei ,
@adunsulag brought up the same idea on the weekend conference call, which should count as at least 5 likes. Discussion was related to the ongoing module support effort.

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I think this is a good idea, we would need to sort out some logistics but I think it’s something we should look into

Hi all,
any new about your @juggernautsei initiative or @adunsulag idea/prposal ?
Is there a github repo?

Hi @zerai,

I am working on the foundation of the site that will host the project. I will post back here when things get further along. Thanks for your interest.

@zerai here is the rough foundation.
Hard to believe it has only been one month.

Take a look, there is still much work to be done. But this should be a good starting point for developers to post items they would like to sell. Send me some feedback.

I left the PC side of the template in place. Let me know if it should be removed. Also, I would like feedback on the top categories. If there should be more but not to many. Let people drill down from the broad category to find listing.

i like, i can’t say anyting about pc side, but generally speaking it’s a good initiative.
Maybe the number of feature/customization for non USA users/facility can grow with this open marketplace and the new module system. (i hope…)

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Do you have any suggestion on modules you would like to see for your country if you are not in the US?

@juggernautsei seems to no be available, any update on this? Thanks!

This project was abandon years ago.
What is your interest?

@Goddard you can try
It’s ‘work in progress project’ for opensource custom modules.


Mostly just trying to get an idea of what all modules are available, what they can do, etc - No specific use case yet, just exploratory at the moment. Thanks!

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