OpenEMR Log in page


I don’t seem to be able to have the OpenEMR log in page only show as my domain name.

After my actual domain name (which i purchased only for the emr so it would display only my domain and enable the https ) it then lists:


What am i missing here since all the below worked

I was able to successfully install the OpenEMR standard on AWS
Add the Route 53 and domain with SSL (yeah for that)
2 F MFA for AWS and OpenEMR
Enabled Cloud trail logs
Set up load balancers in order to add the ssl etc
as you can tell Im trying to systematically get all my security in place prior to actually using for patients

any help in navigating this would be great?

OpenEMR Version
OpenEMR Standard for AWS

Chrome & sometimes firefox

Operating System

Did you check the logs? No as I am not an expert but im thinking this is not a log issue.

It’s working as designed. It’s never going to show you “just your domain name” in the address bar – you’re on the SSL-protected site you purchased (hey, don’t forget to turn off access to port 80?) but that’s the address of the login page and that’s correctly shown. The address bar up at the top of your screen right now says and not just our domain – it’s the same thing.

Ok good to know thank you. Being a newbie at this and doing this and learning AWS on the fly. I will let the staff that may follow me know to just ignore the interface stuff after the domain name. I was just excited to get the SSL on there…lol I know it’s probably only a big thing for me being a newbie but it was huge since I had to do a different option than i planned as I can’t add it to my google sites except as a link.

Thanks for the heads up on the port

still working through securing then to see how to access anything i may need to SSH into in the future and of course more AWS stuff…lol