OpenEMR Lecture Series: Customizing OpenEMR for your practice using Layout Based Forms

Hello OpenEMR Community on April 9th we will be having a presentation from Sandra Gutierrez about customizing your OpenEMR installation using Layout Based Forms.

  • Have you wondered how to collect the custom data your clinic needs for your workflow and processes?
  • Have you struggled with changing the Demographics data you collect?
  • Have you wondered if there is an easier way to fill out your notes using data that already exists inside OpenEMR?
  • Have you heard about or attempted to use the Layout Based Forms (LBF) but just gotten confused or lost?

If any of these questions apply to you or if you just want to learn more about OpenEMR come join us and hear from Sandra’s experience in using LBF in her own practice and how you too can use LBF in your practice.

Some of the topics she will be covering are:

  • Creation of Layout Based Forms (LBF):
  • Use of Nation Notes (NN) within LBF
  • How to use LBF
  • Integration of LBF in the patient portal
  • Patient portal audits of completed forms

After Sandra’s presentation there will be a Question and Answer segment where you can get answers to your questions about LBF. We will record the presentation and post it on our youtube channel as part of our OpenEMR Lecture Series.

Instructions on how to join and prior lecture series recordings can be found on our Lecture Series Connection Information


Nicely done Dr. Gutierrez! Thank you for spending your valuable time documenting this very important topic!


Posted the video of this presentation here: