OpenEMR integration with Wordpress


Hi everyone!.
I want to integrate my OpenEMR with my CMS(Wordpress site) but I have issues

When I use openemr with openemr CMS demo credentials it works, however, if I use my own WP site I get the following error:

Error Table ‘mytable_wp.wp_nf_objectmeta’ doesn’t exist de la base de datos de WordPress para la consulta SELECT p.ID, p.post_date, u.user_login, om.meta_value AS form_title FROM wp_posts AS p JOIN wp_postmeta AS pm ON pm.post_id = p.ID AND pm.meta_key = ‘_form_id’ JOIN wp_nf_objectmeta AS om ON om.object_id = pm.meta_value AND om.meta_key = ‘form_title’ LEFT JOIN wp_users AS u ON u.ID = p.post_author WHERE p.post_type = ‘nf_sub’ ORDER BY p.post_date realizada por action_list

It seems wp_nf_objectmeta is a table created by Ninja Forms, however it makes no sense because I have installed Ninja formas aswell as the forms included on the openemr instructions.

Do I need to import a table that is not included on manual?


Sounds like the Ninja Forms table schema has changed. I don’t currently have a client using the CMS portal and this will likely take some nontrivial effort to troubleshoot and fix. Would be interested to know if anyone else is looking for a solution.


Hello, I am. Been searching all month for a solution. Having the same problem as the gentleman above. Will really appreciate some help.


@sunsetsystems , I’ve noted a couple interested folks (including @gaffer ) that have been looking for a solution on this.


I’m out of the country next week but will be available after that if anyone wants to sponsor an update of the code.


Hello guys, hows it going? Hope you had a good trip @sunsetsystems

In regards to this CMS portal issue. I’m in desperate need of you help with it. Can seen to establish a connection between CMS and Openemr though all the steps were followed correctly.


Yep it was a nice adventure, thanks. Send me a note at to set up an arrangement. Thanks.