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OPenEMR initial Home screen design

I have been trying to get a default opening screen (on my 13" Macbook) with
a) Patient find screen on top part
a) Calendar on bottom part
when using Frames (or even Tabs)

However whatever there is on the top part of the screen, the bottom part is invariably Messages, Reminders etc…why?

Is there a method to change this?

Thank you

As far as I know there isn’t one without someone coding around it unfortunately

If you want you can turn the bottom screen off that has the message reminders. Look in the left at the top. Uncheck the box bot. That will turn off the bottom frame. If you want the message not to be default. Go to your setting in the upper right, the sprocket. And you can change the order of tabs or frames that you want to see. You can have the second tab set to none. NO programming required. If I understand what you are asking.