OpenEMR has already been installed. wish to force re-installation

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OpenEMR has already been installed. wish to force re-installation. but didnt get the full path to edit the s

Operating System
Centos 6.10

OpenEMR has already been installed. If you wish to force re-installation, then edit /var/www/html/openemr/library/classes/…/…/sites/default/sqlconf.php (change the ‘config’ variable to 0), and re-run this script.

how to find the full path.

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Full path is listed in the message you posted…


Unix naming convention applies - go up the directory for every “…”. So that would be -


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Thank you , that issue is resolved
the above attachments are the error getting while trying to create / connect MySQL from Browser.
the username and password are given correct.
phpMyAdmin and MySQL are configured /connecting successfully.
please suggest any more configurationcommands to run in Centos to give permission to openEMR

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Attachment links are broken. May be just describe what you are attempting and some prior steps.

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I have copied the openemr file to Centos /var/www/html.(centos is deployed in a vm and is configured with IP
then i call the openemr from my browser (my IP is
the browser give me a page to start installation of openemr
I click --> continue
second page i select ““Have setup create the database””
then --> continue
fill the form as below
Server Host:
Server Port: 3306
Database Name: openemr
Login Name: openemr
Password: password1!
Name for Root Account: root
Root Pass: password1!
User Hostname:
UTF-8 Collation:

Initial User: admin
Initial User Password: password1!
Initial User’s First Name: Administrator
Initial User’s Last Name: Administrator
Initial Group: Default

then click --> continue

but it is giving a error message

OpenEMR Setup

Step 3

Configuring OpenEMR…

Connecting to MySQL Server… ERROR. Check your login credentials. unable to connect to database as root

the same credentials are used to access the MySQL from SSH.

_Before when I configure the openEMR with same credentials it pass through and create a new database openemr _
And i can view it in phpMyAdmin page.
but that TIME THE ERROR IS cant access the page
this time it not creating such a database.
please help

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Not sure if at any point you had a fully functional install. Regardless -

  1. When setup script returns error you should also check OS, DB and PHP logs for more details.
  2. When you edited sqlconf.php, be sure to drop/rename emr database.
  3. If you are OK with loosing data from prior installation, perform a clean installation.
  4. If you wish to retain prior data, rename current DB, perform a clean install, drop installed DB and rename prior DB.

Best luck.