OpenEMR Foundation Board Meeting, August 12, 2020

Will post agenda shortly

Here is the Agenda for the August 12, 2020 OpenEMR Foundation Board Meeting:

1. Welcome and Opening Thoughts

2. Consent Agenda

3. Discussion Topics

  • Fundraising
  • Google Summer of Code
  • Meaningful Use (ie. 2015 edition)

4. What’s keeping you up at night?

(Brainstorming session to develop future issues for board attention)

5. Adjourn

Next Monthly Board Meeting on September 9, 2020
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I am on meeting 230349 but I am the only participant…

hi @bboeckin
You are a bit early :slight_smile:
The meeting is scheduled for 6 pm pacific time

Board meeting minutes have been posted: foundation-minutes/ at master · openemr/foundation-minutes · GitHub

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Can you guys share the recording of that meeting? Some of us live in different timezone and not always possible to attend that meeting?

hi @itsaboutcode, we don’t record the meetings, sorry about that.