Openemr forms need redesign

I hope my post is considered a positive thought and wish for this great solution but the forms are allover and they are pieces here and there, multiple tabs and lots and lots of check boxes need to be ticked or lots of yes and no need to be bullet pointed, this is not practical in a day to day practice especially for large volume offices or urgent cares, and I am sorry to say it SOAP does not cut it.
I have been working currently in an urgent care that uses a commercial solution , and from the calendar you go to one real estate page that has everything on it, you just step into the fields from CC to PMH to ROS …so on so forth, you right click into it and you pull a template that you custom make which will be included in the chart with very little modification before committed to the final visit. meds are there and allergies on the same real estate and you can modify it on the fly without leaving the page.
I really hope this post is considered a genuine positive feedback and not a complaint, I do not know how to program and make the necessary form ( I worked before with FileMaker but this is a different beast) but I am willing to to work with anyone willing to improve the forms in this great EMR.

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So improving the forms and workflow would be a significant change and I think a lot of people would like the changes to be made. In my experience, large changes in OpenEMR happen very slowly unless there is a group sponsoring the work to be put into the core product.

If there is a group of individuals/organizations willing to sponsor (IE put money) into the work to build out the better workflow, then I know of a couple of developers who will have time opening up in the next couple of months to work on a new project.

Glad to see you are interested and wanting to improve OpenEMR.

Hi Mohammed,
I’m interested to work / re-design forms in Open EMR. Please share details to my personal Email:

Syed Azhar.