OpenEMR format for Emergency Medicine

Hi all,
I am an ED physician who currently helps develop Emergency Medicine abroad. I have been playing with OpenEMR dockers to create dummy patients and all.
My questions:

  1. how to make OpenEMR note more dynamic? what I mean is updating SOAP notes every several minutes or hours with a time stamp?
  2. How to integrate local language dictation?
  3. Open several Patient’s medical records at the same time?

Thank you, really appreciate your input

Hi @Lyusvi ,

  1. I would need to know where the soap note is getting the information to update every 7 minutes. It is manually entered or what?

  2. Here is info on language definitions. OpenEMR Internationalization Configuration - OpenEMR Project Wiki

  3. This is only possible by using serveral web browsers. You would have to be logged in on seven different browsers that don’t share cookies or sessions.