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I’m new in OpenEMR, I’m looking for a solution to digitalise patients reception and visits historisation in a little hospital in Cambodia (up to 70 visits a day).

I’m looking for functionnal documents that help me to size a solution.

I do that for free, it is a caritative action.

Thank your for your help.



Hello @Quentin_OLLE
From your description of your situation you would probably want an EMR application that is optimized for inpatient functions, correct? OpenEMR is in fact written for outpatient clinics and healthcare practices.

Some organizations have used it for inpatient settings with modifications and adaptations.
Here is a link to read their posts to this forum:
Search results for 'inpatient' - OpenEMR Community

You will notice that mostly inpatient use has been via specialized modules or features added to the standard codebase. However, if the inpatient usage is not very much different from a Dr’s Office, you can learn the capabilities of the standard OpenEMR and how to customize it as needed here in the wiki repository of user documentation:

Good luck- Harley

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Hello @htuck

Thank you very much for your message, Harley.

It is a countryside hospital but in my own opinion, it is closer to the way of an infirmary works, only a few beds and, as far as I saw, only used during the day. I’m going to ask.

I will have a look at the documentation, i’m just starting :wink:

The software is intented to be used in cambodia, how long will it take to translate the interfaces ?

Also, how long will it take to install a standard OpenEMR solution ? There will be probably 2 computers at the patients reception, and 2 computers in the office of the doctors.

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The attached OpenEMR deployment document may be of useful to you
Pohnpei Community Health Center.

hi Visolve AI team,

Thank you for your message but I can’t get the document.

Quentin OLLE

@Quentin_OLLE please use below link

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Hello @Quentin_OLLE
The most significant factor in your description that makes it seem that OpenEMR would be suitable is the fact that the beds are only used in the day time. Inpatient things like needing to record medications and procedures administered periodically around the clock, and tracking bed occupation hours are not built into OpenEMR. So if you don’t need to do that, things should work out with some carefully considered customization.

You can get an idea of OpenEMR’s capabilities by looking at wiki documents like:

Now, you mentioned the translations.
OpenEMR is an all- volunteer organization that depends on community support for things like that.

You can log into one of the public demos at

follow the first sections in this wiki page to set the language to Cambodian:

and look around the demo to see how much of the system has been translated.

If it’s complete enough for your needs, then you’re set to go. If not, then perhaps you can find instruction from the posts in this forum search to contribute your own translations:

Best- Harley

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Sorry - The link was not uploaded correctly:

if this does not work, do a google search on:
“Pohnpei Community Health Center of Micronesia goes PaperLess”
-Visolve OpenEMR support Team

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