OpenEMR for Assisted Living Facility & Medication Administration


I work for an Assisted Living facility. Could OpenEMR work for my needs?

Has anyone implemented in such a facility or a nursing home?

Does OpenEMR currently have functionality for MAR’s ( Medication Administration Records)?

I found the folllowing post which discusses MAR but that is a couple years old.


There is no community version for a MARs. I have seen a couple of private ones. No one has sponsored a build for the community. @robert.down and @MatthewVita were collaborating on this but I think it has fall the way side as it is a very time consuming undertaking to build this feature.

there’s been a lot of discussion on the weekly conference call, join us some saturday when possible, Weekly Conference Call

It’s not fallen off by any means, just requires a tremendous underlying foundation. We are still working on it though

Any idea how long the wait would be for the MAR functionality to be available?
Since this seems like a major undertaking.