OpenEMR Docker Container for Windows 10?

(John Reilly) #1

Is the an OpenEMR Docker Container for Windows 10? The openEMR system will be used where the technical support is close to zero. Need high reliability. Started with OpenEMR Windows 10 (non-container), then switched to OpenEMR for Ubuntu Linux, containerized. But, I don’t have confidence in this install. The issue may be my Linux and Docker skills, but need to feel more confident before deployment. If there isn’t a Windows 10 container, then I may return to where I started - OpenEMR for Windows 10 (no container).

(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #2

@MatthewVita may have an answer

(Matthew Vita) #3

Hi @wcswing,

The Docker solution here: openemr/contrib/util/docker at master · openemr/openemr · GitHub is primarily to ease development setups. It is not ideal for production usage.

If Docker is an absolute requirement, I would encourage you to improve upon this solution and create a Pull Request with all of the hardening needed for production usage.

As far other options, you can try one of the following to ensure a smooth deployment:

  1. Set up an Ubuntu Linux server with the OpenEMR Debian package
  2. Run through the following automated AWS solution for deploying OpenEMR to the cloud: (note that you have to use this branch as this is the AWS solution that will be in the official OpenEMR repo in the coming weeks)

Using Windows 10 as a server is possible, but I don’t think you’ll achieve high reliability.


(John Reilly) #4

Matthew, Thank you for the reply. I will likely return to OpenEMR on Windows 10 and wait for a containerized production version. The location is a remote Pacific island with spotty satellite internet connectivity. A tool such as LogMeIn has only a slim chance of working in early morning hours. I will persevere. Thanks again, – John

(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #5

Have you tried the Windows XAMPP package? That’s highly reliable and is close to zero-configuration. It’s not exactly a container, but you run 1 installer and you’re basically set to go.