OpenEMR demo fails

(Ramashish Joshi) #1 fails for admin/pass. Is it temporarily down?

(Brady Miller) #2

Hi @Ramashish_Joshi ,

Turns out all 3 demos on the main demo page were locked out (there are 3 because occasionally they get broken; very odd for all 3 to get broken since they reset daily). I just reset them, so they are back up now:


(Ramashish Joshi) #3

Thank you for the prompt response. It’s now working.

(david) #4

i am unable to log in , its says wrong password ? any idea what can be done ?

(Brady Miller) #5

hi @davidvacaf ,

Very odd. They have been reset and are back up.

It looks like a user may be messing up all 3 demos and breaking the logins. Hopefully, this is short term thing.


(Brady Miller) #6


Happened again; within 10 minutes all were locked out.

Here are more 5.0.1 demos with and without demo data (the ones with demo data are basically the same as the official demos):


(Brady Miller) #7


ok, fingers crossed. I think they are fixed (it looks like maybe the nginx reverse proxy on the demo farm was maybe messed up, which has been restarted).


(Brady Miller) #8


Official demos are still frequently having credential changes. Tried ip blocking, was not able to stop this. Working on a new strategy would should have up and running in a couple days.

It also appears that bad actors are also doing this to the demos here:


(Stephen Waite) #9

thank you @brady.miller, are the ip’s based in the carribean ? :pirate_flag:

(Brady Miller) #10


The demos are now up and should no longer be locked out anymore :slight_smile: