OpenEMR customizations for island nation needed. Looking for inpatient and outpatient with PT/OT

Poinciana Recovery Center here. We have no EMR/EHR yet and need to automate. We need multiple, or single product for inpatient as well as outpatient capability. Looking for software development vendor with expertise in OpenEMR and related software.

Hi Jerry!

Thanks for reaching out. At KBA, we have been doing OpenEMR customizations for the past 9 years now. You can see the details of our work at:

Let me know if we can schedule a meeting in the upcoming week to discuss your requirements and demonstrate some work that we have done.

You can reach me here or through email at:


Thanks for the quick response Mandar.

Our high-level business requirements are that we need inpatient PT and Outpatient PT/OT. We currently have a 28 bed facility that is growing and expect to have another facility as well.

I realize we may not be able to get inpatient and outpatient in a single product but need to see what is available and assemble options.

If you have a demo of inpatient and outpatient use cases I’d love to see it.