OpenEmr cost on Google platform

(Adil Manzoor) #1

I am a new physician opening consulting practice. I really like the OpenEMR on the Google platform. However, I am not sure how much the cost will be as I expand my patient database. For starting it’s $25/mo.

Is there a way to know what my cost will be as the number of patients and my data used increases?

Is there anyone you can connect me with whom uses OpenEMR on the Google platform? Thanks.

(Black Perl) #2


I have experience in AWS hosting of OpenEMR and cloud storage is based on the usage ( AWS ).
It depends on how big your practice is ? and if you have huge number of patient or patient documents ,…etc that will require more space and cost will be high .

If you are new and having less number of patients then you can go with basic plans.

AWS and Google also provides free trial account for particular period. If that suits may be you can use or else you can start with some basic level options ( cost will be low ) .

Refer GCP :

(Asher Densmore-Lynn) #3

Hello, Adil.

My hunch is that it’ll be a long time before the bill gets much higher… and if you have to go to a larger instance because you’re swamped with patients and you’ve got more staff working with it, that’s not the most terrible problem to have.

(Adil Manzoor) #4

Yup, I am going with the trial for now. I don’t for see a large number of patients anytime soon. It will be a slow build: i was just wondering at what “patient number” the cost rises. Thanks for your input! Really appreciate it!

How is the AWS treating you? Would you recommend it? How much does it cost per month?

(Adil Manzoor) #5

Thanks for your input Asher! I appreciate it.

(Black Perl) #6

AWS will cost based on the usage ( hours , etc) . It depends on your instance configuration like RAM ,cpu, i/o etc.

This link will give you more detail about AWS charges. Please check and let me know if any clarifications.

(Derek Hillison) #7

@Manzooradil I have been experimenting with the docker version and google hosting, since they will sign a BAA for HIPPA. You first have to spin up a container-hosting system ( used second from smallest that was $8 a month IIRC) and then run docker on that instance to host the containers. The free sized one would not run in the docker environment very well. Also, signing up as a google developer for the first time gets you $300 to use for a year to learn and test, so it is really easy to be frugal and not leave it on continuously when testing. My year is almost up and I still have $200 left.

I am no where near an expert and I was able to muddle through with help from here, stack-exchange and google tutorials. For the size of my wife’s SLP practice, (40 current patients but growing) I am hopeful to keep it to the cheaper end of the spectrum. My only worry is most of her appointments are recurring, and I have read that can lead to performance issues, which might mean I have to buy more from google.