Openemr-cmd Installation Issue: "openemr-cmd: command not found" after successful download

Hello community,

I am currently following a YouTube tutorial (link: OpenEMR Easy Docker Development - Introduction, Setup and First Pull Request - Video 1 - YouTube) to install and set up the openemr-cmd utility on my system. However, I have encountered an issue during the installation process, and I’m seeking assistance to resolve it.

Issue Description:

I followed the steps in the tutorial until the installation of openemr-cmd, and during the initial installation attempt, I received the following error:
"Failed to connect to port 443: Connection timed out."

Solutions Attempted:

  1. I tried setting the DNS to, but the error persisted.
  2. As an alternative solution, I opened the “/etc/hosts” file using the command:

$ sudo nano /etc/hosts

and added the IP address mapped to the hostname at the end of the file. After this modification, I was able to download successfully without any connection issues.

New Issue:
After a successful download, I tried to use the openemr-cmd utility by logging in, but it returns the error:
“openemr-cmd: command not found”

Assistance Request:
I would greatly appreciate any assistance or guidance to resolve the “openemr-cmd: command not found” issue. I have double-checked that the installation was completed successfully, but I seem to be unable to run the utility as expected.

Additional Information:

Operating System: UBUNTU 20.04.06

Thank you for your help and support in advance.

hi @Swetha_S , that’s odd that you couldn’t get to that url and I can’t reproduce that failure.

Have you followed the next steps in the readme?

Yep! I have followed those steps. After logging out and logging back in, it says 'openemr-cmd: command not found.

ok, nice! Is the ~/bin directory in your executable path? You can see by typing echo $PATH.

After executing the command echo $PATH, I got the below output


looks like you installed it as root so it might be in root’s ~/bin

I got it. I resolved it. Thanks a lot for the Assistance :+1: :+1:

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