OpenEMR Cloud Express--new user--can't connect

(Peter Stein) #1

I’m a first-time user of the Cloud Express version (clinician, not experienced with connecting to Linux servers). I’ve launched an EC2 instance as an AWS micro user. Keypair accepted, check. I just haven’t yet been able to connect to it. I’m using a macbook for this, OS 10.10.

My initial expectation was that I’d just be connecting through a browser window. But then I read the AWS instructions on connecting through an SSH client. So I am trying to do this. Right now if I Terminal command, per the instructions :
ssh -i /Users//

I get a hang, and then the error message:
ssh: connect to host port 22: Operation timed out

Next steps recommended?
Many thanks,

(ViSolve) #2

Can you please check the firewall rules (EC2 --> Security Groups --> Inbound in AWS dash board). We have to allow port 22 in Inbound rules for taking SSH to the AWS instance from our Local Machine.