OpenEMR capabilities

I am helping a Vascular Surgeon start a new practice. I am still in the phase of evaluating the software capabilities and selecting an integrated software beyond EMR. Here are my questions:

  1. Does OpenEMR has the capability of online checkins? Can patients fill the intake forms online or phone? Does that data go to the database as individual fields vs a pdf?

  2. I see Version 3.x for Mac. the linux and windows versions are 6.x. Is Mac still being supported?

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The program still works on Linux.
I would suggest going to the and trying out the patient portal to see if it is what you are looking for.

Online check-ins have very wide latitude. The question needs to be more focused. Is the patient checking in from outside the office or inside the office? If they are checking in inside the office the Flow board can be placed in kiosk mode and have the patient register that they have arrived.

I hope this helps your evaluation.

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I guess I am referring to the patient portal. Recently, the clinics in the USA have been changing to electronic patient intake forms by sending a link in an email or text message and having them fill the required forms prior to coming to the office/clinic.

That is correct. We send out the link to the portal via email. The patient can then fill out the required documentation. The only thing that cannot do is upload documents. The way around that was to have the patient email any documents that need to be uploaded that are PDF.