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OpenEMR can't login using onother language eccept English

I am trying to login with a diferent language in OpenEMR but nothing appears on the screen.
I actually need help for this because the users cant event understand English.

Thanks in advance for those who will help me.

hi @Danny ,
Guessing your global settings are not set right. Check out the 3 settings at the top of Administration->Globals->Locale .

Hi @brady.miller, thanks for your interest in helping me. The language settings are all set correctly as follows:
Default language: Portuguese (European)
All languages allowed: Yes
Allowed languages: (List of languages including Portuguese -European)
Translate options are all checked.
Even with these changes, i still cant see anything if i choose Portuguese on the login page.

Hi @Danny ,
Can you provide a screenshot of what you see?


Couple more questions.

  1. Does English language look ok?
  2. Anything in php error log?
  3. Anything in the browser (js) console?

The errors on the console are as follows:

Hello Mr @brady.miller i tried to debug that error and i realized that when i choose Portuguese at the login page, there’s a file named menu_json.php which have a variable (menu_objects) that receives an empty string. At the end of the code execution the variable looks like var menu_objects=; I don’t know how to fix that bug. Please help me.
Thanks in advance