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I checked out OpenEMR’s Billing Software. I’m wondering if we have superBills in OpenEMR billing. If so, could someone share the relevant documents to help me understand it?

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Welcome to Openemr Community :handshake: .Refer below links to know about openEmr billing


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Hi @Tony1 - welcome to the community.
OpenEMR does indeed have superbills; unfortunately the pages shared by the OP do not discuss superbills or how they are used or produced.

They’re found from the main menu: Miscellaneous/ Blank Forms/ ‘Superbill/ Fee Sheet’

One key fact to know is that OpenEMR’s superbills reproduce the fee sheet on paper. Above, the superbill is shown and below, the ‘New Patient’ code group of the unmodified fee sheet. Note the default management codes in the fee sheet frame match the codes shown in the superbill. If one modifies the groups or codes on the fee sheet the modification will appear on the superbill.

Here are some handy links about superbills which I obtained from searching the wiki
(OpenEMR Project Wiki)
for ‘superbill’, in the search dialog found at the bottom of every wiki page.

Some of the links show older versions of OpenEMR but superbills have been around for a long time so the documentation is still valid-- just use the buttons and links that are discussed and it will work right.
Another useful search term might be ‘fee sheet’ since the printed superbill serves the same functions as the electronic fee sheet.

Feel free to come back with any other questions you may have about this!
Best- Harley


Hi @Tony1 ,
Yes openEMR do have superbills inside the miscellaneous–>Blank Forms–>Fee Sheet.Incase of looking for billing software, you could also check out ViSolve’s billing software in .ViSolve is ready to do customization based on your/customer requirement.
If you have further queries do drop a mail to
-ViSolve AI Team_AS

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