OpenEMR 7.0.1 has just been released!

The OpenEMR community has released version 7.0.1. OpenEMR 7.0.1 has numerous new features!. This latest release includes turn-key modules for:

Thanks goes to the OpenEMR community for producing this release.

It can be downloaded here:
OpenEMR Downloads - OpenEMR Project Wiki

Installation instructions can be found here:
OpenEMR Installation Guides - OpenEMR Project Wiki

Upgrading instructions can be found here:
OpenEMR Upgrade Guides - OpenEMR Project Wiki

New feature list in OpenEMR 7.0.1:

  • 2015 ONC Cures Update Certification
  • New Support for Following Easy to Use Core Modules:
  • New FHIR and Encounter Questionaires and Assessments
  • New PKCE Support for Oauth2
  • New Real World Testing Report
  • New Support for Immunizations Export to Spreadsheet
  • New Support for Login Tokens
  • Added Voided Claim to Misc Billing Options and 837 File
  • Added PHQ-9 Form
  • Login Screen Improvements and Fixes
  • Branding and Logo Improvements for Multisite
  • CCDA Improvements and Fixes
  • FHIR Improvements and Fixes
  • API Improvements and Fixes
  • Calendar Improvements and Fixes
  • Prescription and Medication Improvements and Fixes
  • Patient Portal Improvements and Fixes
  • Vitals form improvement and Fixes
  • Billing Improvements and Fixes
  • Payment Improvements and Fixes
  • Invoice Improvements
  • Encounter Improvements and Fixes
  • Insurance Improvements and Fixes
  • Messaging Improvements and Fixes
  • [[Comlink_Telehealth|Telehealth Module]] Improvements and Fixes
  • Layout Editor Improvements and Fixes
  • ICD10 Codes Update
  • ICD10 Import Improvements
  • GAD7 Form Improvements
  • External Data Report Improvements and Fixes
  • Module Installer Improvements
  • Google Sign-in Module Fixes
  • Track Anything Module Fix
  • File White Listing Fixes
  • Patient Portal Registration Fix
  • Patient Search Fix
  • Patient History Form Fix
  • Patient Portal EASIPRO Fix
  • Patient Portal History Form Fix
  • Growth Chart Fix
  • Practice Settings Insurance Companies and Pharmacies Fixes
  • Procedure Statistics Report Fix
  • Background Service Manager Fix
  • Recall Board Fixes
  • Language Editor Fixes
  • Docker Updates to Support Kubernetes and Orchestration
  • PHP 8.1 and 8.2 Fixes
  • Security Fixes