OpenEMR 7.0.0 Patch 2 has been released

The 2nd patch for OpenEMR 7.0.0 has been released:

  • Security fixes (by Brady Miller and Stephen Waite)
  • New Form Builder (by Jerry Padgett)
  • New Telehealth Module (by Stephen Nielson and Sherwin Gaddis)
  • New PKCE support for Oauth2 (by Stephen Nielson)
  • CCDA improvements and fixes (by Jerry Padgett)
  • FHIR improvements and fixes (by Stephen Nielson)
  • Prescription and medication improvements and fixes (by Simon Quigley and Jerry Padgett)
  • Patient portal improvements (by Jerry Padgett and Stephen Waite)
  • Vitals form improvement and fixes (by Stephen Nielson and Stephen Waite)
  • ICD10 codes update (by Stephen Waite)
  • ICD10 import improvements (by Stephen Waite)
  • Google sign-in module fixes (by Saparbek-Nagashibekov)
  • Billing fixes (by Stephen Waite)
  • Payment fixes (by Stephen Waite)
  • Encounter fixes (by Jerry Padgett and Sherwin Gaddis)
  • Track anything module fix (by Stephen Waite)
  • File white listing fixes (by Stephen Waite and Brady Miller)
  • Login screen fixes (by Tyler Wrenn)
  • Patient portal registration fix (by Tyler Wrenn)
  • GAD7 form improvements (by ruthkonyn)
  • New Real World Testing report (by Brady Miller)
  • PHP 8.1 fixes (by Stephen Waite)
  • PHP 7.4 fixes (by Brady Miller)